#00265: Fuck off

You love to tell people how to live. How about you shut up and simply listen without offering your advice?

Please tell me, sir, what the fuck is pain? Go ahead and quote some asshole you heard about or read about.
Indulge me with the story of some fucker who did so and so.
Please tell me what fucking Socrates thinks or what Seneca said.

Can you shut the fuck up and allow me to try and describe what I’m feeling without telling me what Descartes thinks?

To the experts in life, keep your shit to yourself. If you feel the itch to point out the flaws in my train of thought, then stand in front of a fucking mirror and talk your heart out.

If you couldn’t control the urge to puke some wisdom, then I agree with everything you’ll say so you can shut up faster and move the fuck on.

Yes, I think too much. Sue me.
Yes, it’s my choice to blah blah and blah.
Sure, I’m not bipolar at all and it’s my choice to give that whatever meaning I want.

Seriously, timing is vital.


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