#00268: The Intention Harness

I have created a device like no other. I called it “The Intention Harness”.

Maybe I need to work on the name, but that’s for another day.

I want to explain to you how my creation works. 
You see, every “lie detector” out there can be hacked. Polygraph or whatever, they measure physiological changes in your body. 
Physiology can be hacked, folks. 

And this is where my unhackable device comes in. It doesn’t rely on heart rate or blood pressure or nerve reflexes or any conventional method of lie detecting.

My device measures only one thing: intention.

It’s a simple harness you place on your head. It looks like that weird helmet professor X wears when he’s in Cerebro. That’s an X-men reference.
Call it a helmet, harness, whatever you desire. 

Anyways, you place it on your head. On both sides of the helmet, there are 9mm Glocks connected to the device, and they’re pointing towards your skull, separated by a few inches. 
And this is the best part: if you lie, 2 bullets from both sides will enter your brain and most likely collide together inside, causing catastrophic damage with no chance of survival. 
If the device detects a lie, it will fire. I’ve programmed the artificial intelligence device to shoot when detecting a lie.
You can lower your blood pressure and heart rate at will, break into tears if needed, swear by every God you like, provide evidence and proof. It doesn’t matter. The harness is programmed to read your intention – and intention is almost impossible to fake. 

Yes, folks. Your intention is unhackable. It cannot be penetrated by anything other than your own thoughts and desires. 
Your intention is the reason you go to the gym. Sure, you can write an essay on why you workout or why you became a vegan or why you don’t wash your penis after urinating – the device does not give a fuck about your words.
It sends electromagnetic signals to your brain, which relays it to your core – your absolute self, the why behind your actions.

I experimented on myself. I never tried to lie, though. I already saw what it did to my father. Poor bastard never had a chance. I mean, I told him to be completely honest … but he chose to lie, as usual. 

I use the device to learn about myself. The first time I used it, I asked myself: why do I worry about school results? I did not realize I had to be honest until I felt the heavy load of the Glocks. Thank the lord I was completely honest with myself, and here I am writing this letter. 

Perhaps one day I’ll share the technology behind my invention. I’ve given “put a gun to my head” a whole new meaning.

You cannot escape the truth if you decide to use it. That’s my only caution. 
If you’re interested in trying it, I advise you to study your intention before doing so. 

“Put a gun to your head” and answer honestly: why do you do what you do?
To survive the experiment, you must be ready to dive deep into your core and find your why – your intention, your absolute reason for doing whatever you do. 

And, folks, please don’t try to bullshit with “well, I have various reasons for doing so and so”. That will not cut it. 
Do not try to outsmart the machine. It will fire without hesitation. 

Do you know your intention behind your fears, your desires, your ambitions, your feelings? Do you know why you felt sad and scared when you failed your exams?

The machine deals only with the truth. 
If you’re not sure about the truth, haven’t discovered it yet, or trying to lie to yourself, the machine will know. 

You’ve been warned. 



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