#00270: Fear – 2

What’s holding you back from moving forward?

Go ahead and think of the infinite reasons you have for being stuck – emotionally and physically – in the same fucking spot.
Please take some time and think about the reason why you keep going around in circles.

You can write essays and books on why you are where you are, why you are what you are.


Let me summarize it for you: fear.
Fear is 4-lettered F-word.

You’re being held back by your own thoughts. Yes, you’re physically obstructing your movement.

Come on, friend. You have more potential than you give yourself credit for.
Yes, you, my dear unknown friend.

Fuck fear.

Fuck the thoughts you have about the future. You can envision fear, right?
You are certain of the obstacles that are about to come, yes?
You can see the fucking failures happening in front of your eyes, eh?
Fuck it all.

If you can see failure; if you can envision obstacles; if you can feel scared, then you are one step closer to breaking down that wall.
Stop labeling your life according to what the world is saying.
Fuck labels.
Fuck success stories.
You are the success story the world will one day learn about.
You will show the world that you are just like them – human, weak and scared – yet you chose to move forward and look fear in the eyes before you knock that fucker down.

This is my 270th post – I’m 2.7% closer to my unknown goal – but I’m moving, folks.
I will keep on moving regardless of mood, feelings or thoughts.

Go ahead and smile. Just fucking do it. Smile regardless of what you’re actually feeling.
Do it for 30 seconds and see how your mind struggles to cope with its weakness.

You are your minds’ weakness, and your mind is your strength.

Fuck fear.

Lift your head up and kick your mental walls down.

I don’t care about your financial setbacks, your relationships, your fucked up past – I don’t care about any negative thought you’re carrying.
I’m interested in the gold mine you’re too scared to dig into.
I’m interested in the gas field buried deep beneath all those negative thoughts you’re hoarding.

You are the master of your fate, you are the captain of your motherfucking soul!” – Invictus by William Henley


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