#00160: Post a Day – 3

I promised at least one post per day, so I’m trying to deliver. Got into a huge fight with assholes in Uni. By assholes I mean staff. I got into a fight because I’m tired of their bullshit.  Go here. Come there. Do this. Take that. I still don’t know what year I’m in! My acceptance letter says 4, uni decided to change that to 2, skip 3 ….. This place is a shithole. Forget logic. Forget proof. Forget everything you know []

#00157: Post a Day

“A post a day might help in keeping the fears and drugs away.” – Platoid  It’s official. I have decided to start writing at least one post per day. Enough with the “I will” and start working on the “I am” I am writing at least one post per day. This is my first post of the day. Maybe I’ll write another. Maybe a I won’t. The point is: I am writing. Period. I will start working out? I will start studying? []