#00189: 2017

Fresh start. I hope anyone and especially everyone to have a wonderful new year. Resolutions? Plans? Projects? Ideas? . . . . Anything. []

#00186: Memories

I ran away form Jordan because I got so scared I broke down and started crying – just like any 27-year old would do. It’s embarrassing to admit that I’m allowing my feelings to control me. The first thing I did when I arrived home is take a huge dose of pills. It kicked in a couple of hours later. That’s when I was able to start talking normally. The crying spells stopped. The fear dissipated. The anxieties went away. The voices []


Your exam results are much better than anticipated, especially when considering the short time frame and amount of effort you put into them. You haven’t binged for 3 straight days. The best advice I can give you now is this: go to bed. Get up early and keep on working. For the record, it took you almost an hour to write this post. Don’t delete it. Post it and move the fuck on.

#00183: Update

My last post was titled “30 days“. On day 4, I got so sick I started vomiting mucus. I couldn’t continue with the program. I tried to resist the illness – I didn’t believe I was ill. I told myself “it’s all in my head”. But it wasn’t. I was sick. For real. So, I binged. And I gave up on the program. Why? Because I failed to follow the plan. Just like I failed my “post a day” promise. And just []