#00248: July 18 2017 – 38/39

Can you miss your flight twice in a row?  You get to the airport late because it’s not like you knew you had a flight days before, right? You just woke up and were told that you have a flight to catch in an hour. So now you’re late and they won’t let you in. Who do you blame? Traffic, of course. Who else is the cause of our mistakes other than traffic! It’s OK. We fix it and book the next []

#00247: July 17 2017 – 37/39

ldjfhspudojkln;vwope87yrhtjn4fkhv0es7d8iuohjcnk;lnxvjkqlwyer54wuinkl;a. This is just another point in my life/journey where my mind takes over my body. I’m physically weak because my mind is currently defeated. I didn’t go to the gym today or yesterday. I don’t see any point in posting useless words on a daily basis. This blog is a useless piece of garbage I created 2 years go hoping to do something useful with my life. I even tried going to the gym for the sake of getting off my []

#00246: There is no July 16 – 37/39

As the title clearly states, there is no “July 16 2017 – 36/39” post because I was sleeping. I slept for more than 15 hours. No pills. No drugs. My body simply stopped functioning and I found myself in bed unable to focus or do anything. I couldn’t reply to the messages on my phone or answer any calls. I couldn’t focus my mind on anything. So I fucking gave up trying, closed my eyes and stayed in bed from after work []