#00245: July 15 2017 – 35/39

I’m mentally and physically exhausted. I need a break from the responsibility I’ve surrounded myself with. Is there a pause button to life? Almost 3 weeks since the incident, and my laptop still reeks of vomit.

#00239: July 9 2017 – 29/39

“When you’re busy, you forget to feel your feelings. Until you try to sleep by the end of the day.” – Someone McSomebody I almost forgot to post today. That’s how busy my day was. 06:30. Late for work. 13:40. CLearning the clutter from my room and out of my life. 15:20: Gym. A very wonderful gym session; I actually felt like I finally understood what it meant to release whatever negative energy I have and utilize it. 17:40. Work meeting. 19:30. []