00231: July 1 2017 – 21/39

I got sick. Really sick. Projectile vomiting with bloody diarrhea. I was in bed. I don’t remember wether I blacked out after slamming my face on the table or before?  I don’t even remember falling. I woke up and my nose was slightly broke . The entire room smelled like vomit. It still does, by the way. My wife was worried and wondered why I don’t want to go to the hospital. Cockiness.  This wasn’t a minor slip. It’s a painful fall. []

#00226: My First Novel!

After almost years of wanting to write a book, and months of actually sitting down and trying to do it, I managed to force myself today to write something. The below took me exactly 3 hours to write. Writing is certainly not easy. The Kingdom of God             On his deathbed, King Kharban asked for all sons to gather around. His 12 sons, who were each a prince, stood in silent around his bed. It was slightly after sunset in the summer, []