#00216: June 16 2017 – 6/39

Soreness is a pleasure when the other source pain is due to being overweight.  With that philosophy in mind, I write to say I’m 6 days in the gym. Going strong. YOLO. #moodswings

#00215: June 15 2017 – 5/39

114Kgs. That’s the number on the scale I stepped on today. I did deadlifts as part of my exercise today. I also broke my iPhone by accidentally dropping a dumbbell on it.  Water > 2L: check. Steps >5000: check. No binge: check. Vegetables: check. Gym: check. I’m unstoppable with 5 days in a row.   

#00214: June 14 2017 – 4/39

4 out of 4. I’m unstoppable. The main reason I managed to start doing things is this: I cut down my expectations by 50%. I used to aim, for example, at reaching that 10,000 steps per day target. Now it’s 5,000. I wanted to drink 3L of water per day. Now it’s 2L. “Reading” was on my list, but it was vague. So now one page of a book is considered reading. Articles are included, too. I expected too much of myself. []

#00212: June 12 2017 – 2/39

I went to the gym today. That’s 2 days in a row. My food intake was shy of a binge, but still a lot. Nonetheless, I did mention I went to the gym today, right? I didn’t finish reading the book. However, I did listen to the last chapter. I enjoyed the main concept of the book, but at the end found it too repetitive.  Gym. Book. Water-intake. And I’m posting for the 2nd day in a row. Can I get a []